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Adopting Bondeni, an Orphan Elephant Born in 2019

I just received an email from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, about this little oprhan who was found abandoned by his herd.

No one seems to know why this happened.

Bondeni orphan elephant rescued by David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

When he was found, Bondeni had lacerations on his little feet, and was tired and scared.

The SWT team mobilized right away and got him fed and moved to a safe place.

Keep in mind, when he was found, Bondeni was probably just a few days old.

Thanks to the incredible team at SWT, he recovered and started to thrive, both physically and emotionally.

As he matured, Bondeni was likely to benefit from mentorship from older elephants, so he was moved to the Nairobi Nursery, on September 3rd.

He was quickly "adopted" by the female elephants there. It was "love at first sight"

Take a minute to watch Bondeni's heart-moving story.



If you'd like to learn more about him, you can visit his page here:

Feel free to adopt him for a small fee: